Prosecutor's Office of Georgia presented M.K.’s charges for premeditated murder committed in aggravating circumstances

2018-07-10 20:01:41
The Prosecutor's Office of Georgia prosecuted M. K. for premeditated murder of a juvenile and two persons for the purpose of covering other crimes, with particular cruelty knowingly by the offender, based on the evidences gathered in the criminal case proceeded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 
The investigation found that on July 4, 2018, at about 11:30 a.m., in the Khada Gorge in Dusheti Region, M.K., being under the influence of alcohol, met the tourists: R. M., his spouse L. J. and their minor child K. I., who asked him to show them the waterfall in the gorge, on which M. K. agreed. After covering a certain distance, near one of the waterfalls, M. K., who was offended on the grounds of the conflict, double shot R. M. from a hunting gun and killed him in front of his spouse and 4 year-old child. In order to conceal the crime committed, M. K. decided to murder L. J. and her minor child K. I. To save her life, L. J. ran to the direction of the ravine. At that time, she fell down from the height and died. After that, M. K. shot dead 4 year-old K. I. and threw body of R. M. and shotguns into the river and hid the body of K. I., along with their belongings, in a small pile naturally descended under the snow avalanche near the site of the accident and left the scene. 
MK has been charged under the Criminal Code of Georgia, Article 109, paragraph one, subparagraph "c", paragraph two, subparagraph "b", paragraph three, subparagraph "a" and "b" (intentional murder of a minor and two persons with particular cruelty knowingly by the offender).
The prosecution has already appealed to Mtskheta District Court with a motion for the prevention measure for M. K. 
Investigation is underway on the criminal case. The charges filed for M. K. envisage the prison sentence from sixteen to twenty years, or the life imprisonment.