Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia has charged Z.K. for disrespect of the Court

2018-07-09 18:10:21

Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia filed charges against Z.K. for the disrespect of the Court, which was reflected in the insult of the judge participating in the proceedings under the 2nd paragraph of Article 366 of Criminal Code of Georgia on the basis of evidence obtained during the investigation of the criminal case under MIA.

The investigation established that on 11 June 2018, in Tbilisi City Court, the judge L.T. of Administrative Cases Panel was hearing the administrative offense case in administrative procedure against Z.K. and others, during which the Court recessed between 14:00 – 15:00 o’clock. Z.K. detained by administrative procedure arbitrarily walked out of the courtroom and went down to the cafeteria located on the 1st floor. After some time the employees of Patrol Police Department of MIA entered the cafeteria and asked Z.K. to return to the courtroom and explained that the judge has to continue the judicial proceeding, therefore, it was necessary that the courtroom and participants be ready. Z.K. did not obey the call of law enforcers and cursed at the judge. Despite numerous requests from police officers, Z.K. refused to return to the courtroom and was again cursing the judge participating in the proceeding and he was referring him with unprintable phrases by which he was showing disrespect to the Court. Because of this, Z.K. was brought to the courtroom by law enforcers using the proportionate measures of coercion.

The prosecution has already filed to Tbilisi City Court the motion for bail as a preventive measure for Z.K. The investigation on the criminal case continues. The charges filed for Z.K. stipulates the type and the length of sentence to 2 years of imprisonment.