Court of Appeals has upheld Guilty verdict against D.Kh. and L.B.

2018-06-29 13:57:53
The Tbilisi Court of Appeal has upheld the Guilty verdict randered by the Tbilisi City Court on March 12, 2018, according to which D.Kk. And L.B. were found guilty for the offense foreseen by subparagraphs "a", "b", "d", "e" and "g" of the second part of article 1443 of Criminal Code of Georgia (degrading and inhuman treatment) and each of them was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment as a preventive measure after using the law of Georgia "On Amnesty", the penalty in amount of 2000 GEL and they were deprived the right to work in public service for 1 year and 6 months.
According to the evidence submitted by the state prosecutor and the court verdict is confirmed, that in 2011-2012, during the period of working in the Penitentiary Department Establishment No. 8, the prisoners were humiliated and put in inhuman, dignified and degrading condition by D.Kh. and LB the employees of the same establishment in order to intimidate and unconditional obedience of prisoners.
After lodging in Establishment No8, the mentioned persons have punished prisoners using violent methods, verbal and physical abasement, and in the meantime, physical abasement against the same prisoners had systematic character, the purpose of which was their unconditional obedience. 
Prisoners were illegally restricted to walking, telephone conversation and correspondence as a result of the actions of the convicts. They had no access to medical services; they also had limited time for sleep and relaxation.
Also was established, that the convicts often arbitrarily had taken out prisoners from cells and put them into the bathroom in the building of the institution, where was carried out physical abasement on them using the cudgels and various items.
The testimonies of the victims was presented as evidence on the court, who were placed at the Establishment No. 8 of the Penitentiary Department at different times and absolute majority of them were victims of violence for years. Also, were presented two tens of volumes of written evidence existing in the criminal case.