Another political prisoner has been justified on the basis of Prosecutor's Office motion and the verdict will be reviewed toward one citizen

2018-06-26 13:44:41
During the proceedings of the Chief Prosecutor's Office of Georgia, according to the motion of the crime committed investigation department, the Tbilisi Court of Appeals has found not guilty verdict toward political prisoner Giorgi Zavrashvili. In addition, the Prosecutor's Office has made another decision to revise the verdict on the case of Citizen Nodar Kakabadze, who was seized helicopters and flying machines of his company by the high ranking officials of the Ministry of Defense and was judged illegally on the bases of fabricated evidence
A  repeated thorough and objective investigation on the case of political prisoner Giorgi Zavrashvili was conducted by the Department, new witnesses were interrogated, dozens of investigative and procedural actions were conducted, investigative and court case materials were studied, new evidences and facts were obtained, and as a result were revealed the facts of substantive breach of the convict's rights.
Giorgi Zavrashvili was an active member of the opposition political movement and  participated in protest rallies against the government in November 2007. Because of his political activity, law enforcers planned detention of Giorgi Zavrashvili. On December 12, 2007 at Bogdan Khmelnitski Street in Tbilisi when Giorgi Zavrashvili was talking with his brother and neighbors, the officers of the Isani-Samgori Police Department of MIA came to him unexpectedly, who have sat him in the car with deception and took him to the police department, where he was told that he was detained because of resistance to police officers. Later, for the purposes of his intentional illicit conviction, a false detention record was drawn up, as if Giorgi Zavrashvili has hooliganically attacked police officers and physically assaulted them, in this regard, artificially was interrogated so called "Participant" policemen of the fictional incident, who gave accusatory testimonies against him.      
On the basis of false evidence, Giorgi Zavrashvili, arrested on political grounds, was convicted on May 23, 2008 and was sentenced to eight years imprisonment.
In the frameworks of new investigation the Department has obtained the acquittal evidences of the convict, which was fully accepted by the court and based on the newly revealed circumstances, the convict was fully justified in the charge.             
The Prosecutor's Office has applied all legal ways in order to restore the violated rights of Nodar Kakabadze, who was deprived the property in 2011-2012 and was judged illegally. Nodar Kakabadze has founded "FLY ADJARA" LTD, the main activity of which was the transportation of international cargo.
In October 2010, "FLY ADJARA" LTD carried out the air transportation of Combat cartridges between the two states with the appropriate permit, on the basis of a contract concluded with foreign partners, during which they  has landed in Batumi International Airport with the purpose of filling the fuel. At that time military police officers of the Ministry of Defense have arrested the crew members and the founder of "FLY ADJARA" LTD Nodar Kakabadze, with the reason as if they carried out illegal transportation of ammunition by transit.
Nodar Kakabadze, who was in custody, was demanded concession of property owned by his company by the employees of Ministry of Defense. As a result of the pressure, a plea bargain was signed with Nodar Kakabadze after several months of imprisonment and he left the prison.
After mentioned, employees, subordinated to the General Staff of Ministry of Defense and the Military Police Department, against the will of the owners, from the hangar located in the Batumi has loaded flying machines owned by "FLY ADJARA" LDT on trailers by using crane and they transported illegally to the 31st factory in Tbilisi, with the purpose of their further use and possession, as a result, the owners were deprived of ownership and disposal their property.
According to the investigation conducted by the new Department,  was revealed complete new acquittal evidence and circumstances of Defendant,   relevant information was requested from state institutions, in connection with the fact that the ammunition transportation was carried out in full compliance with the requirements of the law, in addition, the investigation revealed the illegal interests of certain high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Defense regarding Nodar Kakabadze's conviction and seizing of his company's property. Consequently, the Prosecutor's Office addresses the Tbilisi Court of Appeals with demanding of cancellation of the sentence due to newly revealed circumstances.      
As for the unlawful seized property, in June 2017, on the basis of the decision made by the Prosecutor's Office, Nodar Kakabadze, representative of "FLY ADJARA" LTD and Jumber Diasamidze, representative of "Aviator" were returned two units of comp air 8 and comp air 10 type aircraft, 3 units "EXEC162F" type helicopter and 10 units of the same type prefabricated set of helicopter located and warehoused on the base of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia. 
As for today, the Prosecutor's Office applied to the Appeal Court with a motion to revise the verdict on cases of 59 convicts due to the newly revealed circumstances, among them 13 hold political status. 40 persons have already been found not guilty.
The process, which started by in the new Department created in the Prosecutor's Office, which is related to revision of verdicts  of illegally convicted persons and restoration of their violated rights, has an irreversible nature.