Tbilisi City Court sentenced the defendants accused of group robbery to 9 years imprisonment

2018-06-05 15:52:49

The Tbilisi City Court has fully accepted the evidence submitted by the Prosecutor's Office and accused of group robbery, the defendants I.Ch. and M.N. were found guilty under the Article 179 part II subparagraph “B” of the Criminal Code of Georgia. 

Based on the evidence examined at the trial, it was confirmed that on August 27, 2017, at night, in Tbilisi, armed with pneumatic weapons, I.Ch. and M.N., with intention of appropriating a handbag, in the entrance of the residential building, they attacked mother and a child - T.Ts. and M.Ts. which is when I.Ch. injured T.Ts by hitting a gun in the head, and then both attackers disappeared from the scene.

Law enforcers arrested M.N. on August 27, 2017, in Tbilisi, whereas I.Ch. was arrested on September 2, 2017, in Zestaponi. They were charged under Article 179 part II subparagraph “B” (robbery, committed in the group) of the Criminal Code of Georgia and sentenced to imprisonment as a preventive measure.

Tbilisi City Court found guilty both defendants I.Ch. and M.N.  in the presented charge and sentenced to 9 years imprisonment as a punishment.