The Court found guilty defendant accused of stalking to 9 months of imprisonment

2018-05-17 16:42:05

Tbilisi City Court has accepted the evidence, submitted by the prosecution and found guilty defendant E.J. accused of stalking under the 1st paragraph of Article 151 of Criminal Code of Georgia.  

According to the evidence, examined by the court, it was established that S.M. using the social network and other electronic means tried to contact with A.T., that was undesirable for her, he was illegally tracking, trying to see her everywhere and control her. Also, S.M. physically and verbally insulted his victim several times and threatened, that he would find her everywhere and control her actions. Because of S.M.’s actions, A.T. was constantly suffering from insults, humiliation, and blackmailing, which caused her suffering and she was not able to freely move due to his continuous tracking.

Law enforcers detained S.M. on 11 February 2018 on the basis of the court ruling. The S.M. has been charged under the 1st paragraph of Article 151 of Criminal Code of Georgia (stalking) and sentenced to imprisonment as a preventive measure.

Tbilisi City Court found S.M. guilty of accusation and determined the type and the length of the sentence to 9 months of imprisonment.