The Court sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment to the defendant for attempting the murder

2018-04-13 10:52:43
Tbilisi City Court has fully accepted the evidence, submitted by the prosecution and found guilty defendant B.Kh. for the attempt of murder under the Articles 19 and 108 of Criminal Code of Georgia.
According to the evidence, examined by the court, it was established that on 25 June 2018, in Tbilisi, in the gym of the East European University located on the Shatili street, the altercation happened between B.Kh. and L.A. during the sports competition. With the intention to murder, the offended B.Kh. hit L.A. several times with the knife in the different parts of the body, causing severe life-threatening injuries and left the crime scene.
Law enforcers detained B.Kh. on 27 June 2017, in Zestafoni District. The B.Kh. has been charged under the Articles 19 and 108 of Criminal Code of Georgia (the attempt of the intentional murder) and remanded to imprisonment as a preventive measure.
Tbilisi City Court found B.Kh. guilty of accusation and determined the type and the length of the sentence to 8 years of imprisonment.