Sports Event Organized by Zugdidi Regional Prosecutor’s Office Took Place in Zugdidi

2018-02-09 12:21:01
The Zugdidi Regional Prosecutor’s Office organized a sports event for school students. On the territory of the Sports School in Zugdidi, a cycling marathon was organized for Zugdidi public school students. The event was organized with the assistance of Zugdidi Mayor’s Office. Together with up to 50 students, the Zugdidi regional prosecutor, Levan Salia, and representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office participated in the event. At the end of the competition, special trophies, diplomas and gifts were won by the competitors taking the first, second and third positions.
The event was organized as part of the project – the Public Prosecutor. Its goal is to popularize a healthy lifestyle and to strengthen the public trust in law-enforcement agencies.