Court Sentenced Director of Lantseti LLC to 6 Years of Imprisonment

2018-02-08 16:29:02
The Tbilisi City Court found P.J., Director of Lantseti LLC, guilty of fraudulently receiving and attempting to fraudulently receive funds of large amount, jointly, by abuse of office under the Criminal Code of Georgia, Article 180, second part, subsection “a” and, third part, subsections “a” and “b”.
The evidence assessed during the trial proved that the Director of Lantseti LLC, a medical facility located at 12th km of David Aghmashenebeli Avenue in Tbilisi, which had been issued with the organ transplantation permit, invited M.K., a surgeon-transplantologist, from Azerbaijan in the beginning of 2016. M.K. did not hold a medical license in Georgia in any medical discipline. After M.K.’s arrival in Georgia, the Director of Lantseti LLC, using mass media and social networks, made announcements and prepared TV ads claiming that they had invited transplantation specialists from Turkey and that free consultations would be provided for patients with liver diseases. This is what G.Ch. and K.K., Georgian citizens, was told and convinced in when they arrived at Lantseti LLC on 12 February 2016 for medical examination and consultation reasons.
Before the surgery, the Director of Lantseti LLC was required to provide information to the patients, donors and their families about the risks associated with a liver transplantation. The Director was also required to present them to the Transplantation Council and receive their consent to perform a surgery. The Director failed to follow these requirements. After the medical consultations and examinations, P.J., the Director of Lantseti LLC and M.K., the accused, fraudulently told K.K. and G.Ch. that they needed an urgent liver transplantation and requested the patients to immediately pay the medical bills for the surgeries.
On 28 February 2016, K.K. wired 99,204 GEL to the bank account of Lantseti LLC. P.J. gave 35,000 GEL from the noted amount to the accused M.K. As to the second patient, on 7 March 2016, before the surgery, in a hastened manner, the lawyer of Lantseti LLC drew up an agreement on acknowledgement of debt according to which the patient G.Ch. had to pay 40,000 USD to the lawyer by 10 April 2016.
Despite the fact that the Transplantation Council denied the request of Lantseti LLC to perform the surgery, M.K. performed the liver transplantation surgeries on the noted patients on 3 March 2016 and 8 March 2016. As a result of the surgeries performed without the state license and permit, K.K. died at the clinic on 10 March 2016 and G.Ch. – on 15 March 2016.
The Tbilisi City Court, based on cumulative crimes, sentenced P.J. to 6 years of imprisonment.