The Chief Prosecutor of Georgia Presented Report to Prosecution Council

2018-02-06 17:05:12
Irakli Shotadze, the chief prosecutor of Georgia, presented a report to the Prosecution Council about a variety of measures for development of the prosecution system in the second half of 2017.
The chief prosecutor informed the Prosecution Council about the strategic directions of the institution, reforms undertaken at the Prosecutor’s Office and noted that one of the main priorities of the institution is to ensure the independence of prosecutors and to safeguard the interests of victims.
While presenting the report, the chief prosecutor discussed such important directions as results that the Prosecutor’s Office had been able to demonstrate as an investigative body. The chief prosecutor informed the members of the Council about the outcome of procedural supervision of investigations, supporting the state prosecution, results of the work of the General Inspection, and measures undertaken for crime prevention.
Irakli Shotadze also emphasized such priority areas of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia as juvenile justice, fight against domestic violence, fight against discrimination- and hate-based crimes, fight against improper treatment, fight against trafficking, and fight against terrorism.
The Council members, at the presentation of the report, also heard from the chief prosecutor about jury trials, assessment system for prosecutors, improving the quality of investigation and prosecution activities, research conducted at the initiative of the Prosecutor’s Office, the Ethics Code, activities of the Consultation Council and international cooperation in criminal cases.
The chief prosecutor also informed the Council about the investigations carried out on the basis of the decisions of the European Court for Human Rights and discussed the recommendations developed throughout 2017 for improving investigation and prosecution services.
Irakli Shotadze also paid the Council’s attention to the Guidelines for Investigations which was drafted, at the initiative of the Prosecutor’s Office, by a working group comprised of prosecutors and investigators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.
The chief prosecutor also discussed the issues of professional development of prosecutors and the need to attract qualified staff. He also provided information about various future plans which the Prosecutor’s Office is going to implement in the nearest future.
After the presentation, Irakli Shotadze answered the questions of the Council members.
We would like to remind you that Irakli Shotadze was elected by the Georgian Parliament as the chief prosecutor in 2015. Every six months, the chief prosecutor is obligated to present a report about the prosecution’s activities to the Prosecution Council. The report must cover the policies of fighting against crime, statistics, protection of human freedoms and rights during legal proceedings, issues of strong public interest, priority areas of the prosecution’s activities, as well as professional training and development programs for prosecutors. However, it does not cover issues of investigation of specific criminal cases, trials on such cases and/or individual aspects of such cases.