The court has sentenced the accused 14 years of imprisonment for premeditated murder, intentional damage of health of two persons, intentional light damage of health and the abuse

2018-01-12 15:53:20

Telavi Regional Court has fully considered evidence, presented by the prosecution side, for the intentional murder, intentionally damaging health of two persons, intentionally lightly damaging health and the abuse. Z.M. has been found guilty according to 108th article, “A” sub-clause of 117th article, 120th article and the first part of 126th article in The criminal code of Georgia.

According to the investigated evidence on the trial, it was established, that on 27th of September, 2017, during daytime, in a village Kondoli, region of Telavi, Z.M; who was under conditional sentence for intentional crime, had a verbal controversy, during which, he hit G.L. in the area of a head with an exercise gear, with an intention of murder, on the ground of revenge and hid from the scene. G.L. has died at the scene of the accident due to the damage received.

According to the investigated evidence it was also established that few hours before the murder G.L. has intentionally inflicted a life-threatening serious health damage with a cudgel to I.Ch. and Z. Ch. On basis of a verbal controversy, he beat and caused a light damage to health of G.F. On the trial it was also established that in in The region of Telavi, village Kondoli, in the nighttime on 31st of July 2017, Z.M. physically insulted L.M. who he has hit several times in the facial and body arias, due to the personal offence and on the ground of revenge. The victim of Z.M.’s behavior has suffered from physical pain and has received a light health damage.

Law enforcers have arrested Z.M. in the region of Telavi, the village Kondoli on 27th of September, 2017.

The Regional court of Telavi has found Z.M. guilty in the prosecution and with a joint verdict has sentenced him with 14 years of the deprivation of liberty.