G.B. was sentenced to imprisonment, as a preventive measure, with and accusation of one member using violence against and beating another member of the family in the presence of an underage

2018-01-12 15:01:36

Court of Appeals of Kutaisi has approved the complaint of appeal of the regional procurator’s office and has made a replacement of conformed preventive measure to – the imprisonment with the amount of 3000 GEL detention bail of G.B; accused in one member of a family using violence against and beating two other family members in front of an underage.
As established by investigation, on 3rd of January 2018, at about 14:00 o’clock, in a dwelling house located on Al. Khakhanashvili st. N7, Kutaisi, G.B physically assaulted ex wife – M.G. in front of their underage child and an underage sister of the assaulted. In particular, he hit her in a facial area and beat her in several areas of the face and the body.
He has inflicted a harmful physical insult to ex wife’s father – D.G. – whom he has hit a several times in the area of head and face, with his fist.
On the 3rd of January, 2018 law enforcers arrested G.B. He is accused according to the “B” sub-clause of 126th article from the Criminal Code of Georgia (One member of a family using force and violence against another in front of the underage) and to the 126th articles first part (beating).
Pre-trial session on criminal case is booked on 12th of February.