Kutaisi Jury Court Unanimously Convicts Defendant of Murder

2017-12-06 13:47:27

Kutaisi Jury Court completely upheld the evidence submitted by Prosecutor’s Office and unanimously found T.G. guilty of murder under Article 108 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.
The prosecution examined the evidence incriminating the defendant during the court sessions held regarding the said criminal case. Tens of witnesses, including eye-witnesses, have been interviewed, documental and physical evidence have been examined, as well as the weapon of murder – a knife, on which the blood of the murdered and DNA of the defendant were found.
Evidence investigated during the trial confirmed that on December 28, 2016, during the evening hours, T.G. stabbed his guest R.K. in chest during an argument in his own house. R.K. died of the wounds on the scene.
T.G. was charged under Article 108 (murder) of the Criminal Code of Georgia. Court sentenced him to detention as a measure of constraint.
Based on the guilty verdict unanimously delivered by the jury, Kutaisi City Court found T.G. guilty as charged and sentenced him to deprivation of liberty or a term of 7 years as a type and size of penalty.