Prosecutor’s Office Launches Criminal Proceedings against Two Suspects for the Crime Committed near #51 Public School

2017-12-03 15:18:19

In connection with the incident that took place near #51 Public School, Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office has launched criminal proceedings against two juveniles – G.B. and G.J. – for a an alleged deliberate murder of a minor. G.B. was charged under Article 109§2(b) of the Criminal Code of Georgia, while G.J. was recognized as a defendant in absentia under the same Article, since he is absconding. 
Investigation has revealed that on December 1, 2017, during the morning hours, six senior pupils met ninth-graders T.Ch. and A.S. in a restroom during a break between lessons, and one of them pointed a pneumatic air gun to them, which caused their discontent, which grew into verbal confrontation. One of the seniors told them, that they would meet them outside the schools after classes. Soon, A.S. called his juvenile relative M.K. asking for help, since his opponents were older than him, and told about the incident.
On the same day, around 14:00, M.K. came to #51 Public School along with his friends, where A.S. and T.Ch. joined them. Eleventh-graders opposing T.Ch. and A.S. had also been gathered at the school along with their about 15 comrades. Young persons moved to a yard of a residential building located on Khorava Street. Conversation between the teenagers grew into an argument, which was followed by a brawl. During the fight, one of the participants – G.J., - who was aware of the fact that the persons engaged into the conflict were minors, inflicted multiple lacerations on minor D.S. with a knife, intending to kill him, while G.B. deliberately stabbed minor L.D. in a leg and chest, also with a knife and intending to kill him, then the both defendants fled the scene.
L.D. died of the wounds on the way to hospital while D.S. died on the next day in hospital despite the medical treatment.
Police Officers arrested juvenile G.B. in Tbilisi, on December 2, 2017. He was charged with the crime specified under Article 109§2(b) (murder of a minor knowingly) of the Criminal Code of Georgia, on December 3, 2017. On December 3, 2017, an indictment with same Article was issued and respective legal procedures to present charges are currently in progress. Since he is avoiding the investigation, relevant actions are being taken with the aim to arrest him. Prosecutors Office is requesting to apply detention against the both defendants as a measure of constraint. If minor. G.J. is not arrested earlier, a search for him will be declared. Statements of multiple persons involved in the incidents, as well as physical evidence including murder weapons, on which forensic examinations has been scheduled, confirm the fact of the crime that is alleged to be committed by the defendants. In particular, a knife – murder weapon used to kill D.S., - has been seized from the crime scene, while another knife, - murder weapon used to kill L.D., - was submitted to the investigation by a witness involved in the incident, to whom the defendant G.B. gave it with the purpose to conceal.
Investigation into the case is being proceeded under Article 109§2(b) (murder of a minor knowingly) of the Criminal Code, which entails deprivation of liberty for a term from 13 up to 17 years as a type and size of penalty. Tbilisi Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is conducting investigation into the case.
Furthermore, considering high public interest, we would like to address the information disseminated by some persons in social networks, as if a parent of one of the defendants is employed by the Prosecutor’s Office and this circumstance is hindering investigation. First of all, it should be emphasized that none of the family members or close relatives of the defendants G.J. and G.B. are not employed by the Prosecutor’s Office. A certain group of people is interested in misleading the public by disseminating the said disinformation, and is deliberately trying to discredit the Prosecutor’s Office as well as the ongoing investigation. It should be note that, a parent of A.S., person involved in the aforementioned incident, actually works at the Prosecutor’s Office, however, he/she has been working in the Department of Human Resources Management and Development since 2014, and he/she neither have any connection to the said or any other investigation nor is allowed to. It also should be highlighted that, not any kind of relationship any perpetrator may have with any employee of the Prosecutor’s Office will not have any impact in any investigation into any case, and there has never been such a precedent. Moreover, pursuant to the Criminal Justice Law and internal statutory acts of the Prosecutor’s Office, any prosecutor, even in the event if there are some questions regarding him/her being biased due to the personal motives, will immediately be removed from the investigation.
Following from the fact that every person involved in the incident are minors, as well as considering the obligation to protect personal details of the said persons, Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia is not allowed by the law to reveal any identification detail of those persons. Every necessary investigative and procedural actions will be conducted as effectively and promptly as possible in order to ensure comprehensive investigation, about the results whereof, the public will be informed in detail.