Prosecutor’s Office Launches Criminal Prosecution against an Individual for Attempted Murder of Former Spouse and Assault on a Police Officer

2017-12-02 11:21:21

On December 01, 2017, for attempted murder of spouse for mercenary purposes, and for assaulting and attempting to murder a police officer in connection with their official duties, B.B. was charged with the offences specified under Article 111,19,109§3(c) of the Criminal Code of Georgia and Article 19,3531 of the same Code.
Investigation conducted by far reveals that despite the conclusion of the legal dispute of already divorced B.B and N.K., and rendering the relevant judgement, B.B. ambushed his former spouse N.K. at her apartment in building on Ljubljana Street in Tbilisi, on November 30, 2017, and requested her by threatening her with a weapon to pay him the money received from the sale of the apartment they owned jointly, threatening her with death if she did otherwise. B.B. was verbally and physically abusing N.K. for serval minutes and threatened the latter with a gun, and did not let the neighbours gathered to help N.K. to do so; therefore, the neighbours called the police.
Patrol police officers arriving at the scene requested B.B. to comply with the law enforcement authorities, in response to whereof he fired toward the patrol police officers. B.B. shot his ex-spouse N.K. point-blank, in the face; she fell on the ground unconscious due to the wound, while B.B. kept shooting the patrol police officers. In result of the returned fire opened by a patrol-inspector, B.B. was wounded.
B.B. and N.K. were hospitalized and after having undergone relevant medical procedures, they were both discharged. Detained B.B. has been transferred to a temporary detention isolator.
Charges brought against B.B. entail deprivation of liberty for a term from sixteen up to twenty years, as a type and size of penalty, or life imprisonment.