Winner Video Clips on the Topic ‘Say No to Violence’ Revealed within the Scope of the ‘Victims Week’ Organized by the Prosecutor’s Office

2017-12-02 10:00:59

Final competition screening of video clips filmed by public school pupils on the topic of domestic violence has been held within the scope of the ‘Victims Week’ organized by the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia.
Winner video clips filmed by pupils on the topic ‘Say No to Violence’ have been revealed at the event held at the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia.
Video clip contest on the topic ‘Say No to Violence’ was announced in public schools within the scope of the project ‘Public Prosecutor’s Office’ in March 2017, and 2,279 pupils from 307 public schools nationwide.
Within the scope of the project, various district prosecutor’s offices organized contests in respective district public schools and revealed video clips winning 3rd, 2nd and 1st places. Video clips winning the first place reached the final. In total, 20 video clips created by contribution of 186 pupils reached the final stage of the contest. At the final screening, which was attended by all contestants, schools presented their own video clips by themselves.
Video clips presented at the final screening of the contest were evaluated by the special jury composed by Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Georgia Giorgi Gogadze, senior officials of the Prosecutor’s Office, Michel Grant, representative of the US Embassy, a representative of the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, and a child psychologist from the Ministry of Education and Science, with Chief Prosecutor Of Georgia – Irakli Shotadze – as a chair.
Three nationwide winner video clips have been revealed at the contest. Rustavi #28 Public School on the first place, Guturi Village (Chokhatauri Municipality) Public School took the second, while Khobi #1 and Batumi #2 public schools jointly took the third place. Chief Prosecutor of Georgia awarded special prizes to the winners. Moreover, the schools creating the winner video clips were awarded with video cameras, audio systems and cameras, while prizes with the logo of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia were awarded to the pupils.  
Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia expresses its gratitude to the US Embassy in Georgia for their financial support of the contest.
Victims Week, organized by the Prosecution Service of Georgia, is being held in the period from November 27, 2017 up to and including December 3, 2017 in connection with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. A number of actions are to be taken in various regions of Georgia within the scope of the Victims Week, inter alia, informative meetings with school pupils, students and population.