General Inspection of the Prosecution Service of Georgia Detains a Person for Fraud

2017-11-14 15:52:52

General Inspection, Prosecution Service of Georgia has detained Z.T. for taking possession of money in large amounts by fraud.
Investigation revealed that Z.T. introduced himself to the brother of defendant T.M. as an employee of the Prosecution Service, and, assured him that he allegedly had close relations with the senior officials of the Prosecution Service, whereupon he promised T.M.’s brother that in exchange for USD 10 000 and GEL 10 000, T.M. would sign a plea bargain and be released from imprisonment. The victim agreed to the requirement of Z.T. and paid him USD 10 000 and GEL 10 000 in full, whereupon Z.T. unlawfully appropriated the amount by deception.
Investigation into the case is proceeded with under Article 180 §2(a), §3(b) and §4(b) of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which entails deprivation of liberty for a term from seven to ten years as the type of penalty. Charges against the detainee are to be filed within the time limits prescribed by the law, and, the Prosecution Service will file a motion with the court seeking application of detention as the measure of constraint.  
Prosecution Service of Georgia appeals to the public to immediately inform General Inspection, Prosecution Service of Georgia of similar unlawful facts, if any.