A Lecture-Seminar Held for Pupils under the Organization of Poti District Prosecutor’s Office

2017-11-09 12:09:45

A lecture-seminar has been held for public school pupils under the organization of Poti District Prosecutor’s Office. Poti District Prosecutor met the pupils of Shua Khorgi (Khobi Municipality) public school and gave them a presentation on drug-related crime.
The prosecutor talked the pupils about the negative aspects of the drug-related crime and prevention of crime, in addition, informed them about the amendments made to a legislation in relation with drug-related crimes and administrative misconduct.
As the lecture was over, a discussion was held where the prosecutor answered the questions interesting for the pupils.
The event was organized within the scope of the project ‘Public Prosecutor’s Office’ and it aims to prevent drug-related crimes and improve society’s trust in the Prosecutor’s Office.