Court Finds Defendant Guilty of Violence against Spouse

2017-10-11 10:31:42

Tbilisi City Curt upheld the evidence submitted by prosecutor’s office and found D.G. guilty of violence against spouse, threatening, and illegal purchase and storage of firearms under Article 1261§1, Article 111-151 and 236§2 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.
Evidence investigated at the trial confirmed that on January 25, 2017, during the evening hours, D.G. physically abuse his spouse K.T. in his own apartment, when he fired twice from a firearm while threatening with death and bodily injury, and the fled the scene. K.T. suffered physical pain and had reasonable fear that the threat would be carried out.
Police arrested D.G. on February 5, 2017. He was charged with offences under Article 1261§1 (violence by one family member against another), Article 111-151 (threat) and 236§2 (illegal purchase and storage of firearms) of the Criminal Code of Georgia, and was sentenced to detention as a measure of restraint.
Tbilisi City Court found D.G. guilty as charged and by the aggregate of crimes sentenced him to deprivation of liberty for a term of one year and six months as a type and size of penalty.