Court Finds Defendant Guilty of Violence against Former Spouse

2017-10-09 10:28:03

Tbilisi City Court has upheld the evidence submitted by prosecution and found N.S., who had been sentenced to conditional sentence for committing an intentional crime, guilty of violence against former spouse under Article 1261§1 and Article 381 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.
Despite the victim, Sh.M., refused to give testimony in court against her former spouse however, evidence presented and investigated during the trial confirmed that on March 17, 2017, around 21:40, because of an argument N.S. verbally abused Sh.M., with whom he had been in non-registered marriage, beat her and inflicted injury to her by hitting with a blunt object in head while being under alcoholic influence. The incident took place nearby Varketilis Meurneoba, Tbilisi. The victim suffered physical pain due to N.S.’s criminal act.
In addition, it was confirmed at the trial that by the ruling of Tbilisi City Court dated January 17, 2017, N.S.’s driving licence had been suspended; however, he was driving a Mitsubishi Pajero iO vehicle on March 17.  
Authorities arrested N.S. in Tbilisi on the same day. He was charged with the crime under Article 1261§1 (violence by one family member against another family member, which has resulted in physical pain) and Article 381 (failure to execute a court judgement) of the Criminal Code of Georgia.
Tbilisi City Court found N.S. guilty as charged and by the aggregate of crimes and sentences, sentenced him to deprivation of liberty for a term of 1 year and 6 months as a type and size of penalty.