Project Presentations Held at Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office

2017-09-08 12:56:56

Implementation of the projects ‘Local Council’ and ‘Public Prosecutor’s Office’ have been launched under organization of Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office. First meeting of the local council and project presentations were held at Tbilisi Public Service Hall in the presence of Prosecutor of Tbilisi Mikheil Shakulashvili and his deputy, representatives from Chief Prosecutor’s Office, Tbilisi City Hall, National Probation Agency, Tbilisi Police Department, Patrol Police, Ministry of Education and Science and local non-governmental organizations.
Attendants of the meeting were informed about the objectives and functions of the project ‘Local Council’. In addition, statistics of the crimes common in Tbilisi and the research prepared by the Prosecutor’s Office concerning the reasons causing drug use were discussed. Participants of the meeting expressed their opinions regarding preventive measures against the common crimes.
Purpose of the project ‘Local Council’ is for the representatives of various agencies to discuss criminal environment of Tbilisi and jointly plan effective preventive efforts.
Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia intends to implement the ideas discussed at the local council within the framework of ‘Public Prosecutor’s Office’, about whereof, participants of the meeting were informed in detail. Representative of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office expatiated on the events organized within the scope of ‘Public Prosecutor’s Office’ and presented statistics to the participants of the meeting.
Meetings if the local council will be held in all Tbilisi districts.