Court Sentences Defendant Charged with Illegal Purchase and storage of Narcotic Drugs and Murder to Deprivation of Liberty for 8 Years

2017-08-08 13:59:07

Telavi District Court completely upheld the evidence submitted by prosecution and found G.Dz. guilty of murder and illegal purchase and storage of narcotic drugs under Article 108  and Article 260§1 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.
Evidence investigated at the trial revealed that on March 26, 2016, during the night hours, drunk V.S. had an argument with brothers G. and D. Dz.-s nearby stadium in Nafareuli Village, Telavi District, where the brothers lived. The argument grew into brawl and physical confrontation, which the other persons at the scene managed to defuse. After several hours, V.S. came to brothers G. and D. Dz.-s’ house along with his friend and abused them again both verbally and physically.
G.Dz., aggrieved by the said incident, intended to kill V.S. in retaliation. In order to fulfill his intention, G.Dz. came to the area near the stadium armed with a hunting rifle, sent a short text message via mobile to V.S. and requested him to come to the stadium. After the latter did so, shot him twice and fled the scene. V.S. died at the scene due to the wounds inflicted.
Police arrested the defendant on the same day. During the search of his apartment, 6.12 grams of narcotic substance ‘dried cannabis’ was seized. G.Dz. was indicted under Article 180 (murder) and Article 260§1 (illegal purchase and storage of narcotic drugs) of the Criminal Cod of Georgia.
Telavi District Court found G.Dz. guilty as charged and sentenced him to deprivation of liberty for a term of 8 years, as a type and size of penalty.