Presentation of Local Council Held under the Organozation of Smatredia District Proswcutor’s Office

2017-08-04 15:59:54

Presentation of a constantly operative council was held under organization of Samtredia District Prosecutor’s Office within the framework of the project ‘Local Council’.
Representatives of Samtredia District Prosecutor’s Office, Internal Affairs divisions of Samtredia, Vani and Khoni, municipal administrations and resource centers, social services, National Probation Agency and local non-governmental organizations attended the meeting.
Participants of the meeting were informed about the functions and objectives of the ‘Local Council’. Surveys prepared by the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia regarding domestic violence and sexual intercourse with persons who have not attained the age of 16 were presented. Furthermore, reasons causing crimes in Samtredia, Vani and Khoni districts, the matter of applying corrective labour for the benefit of society as a type of punishment, and preventive efforts were discussed.
The project aims to study, examine and analyze the criminal environment in the aforementiond districts, as well as to plan and conduct preventive efforts.