Court Finds Defendants Guilty of Failure to Report a Particularly Serious Crime

2017-08-03 10:37:46

Tbilisi City Court upheld the evidence submitted by the Prosecutor’s Office and found D.K. and A.A. guilty of failure to report a particularly serious crime under Article 346 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.
Evidence investigated at the trial revealed that B.Sh. and I.K. conspired to murder the latter’s mother. On October 19th, 2016, B.Sh. and I.K. murdered L.K. in her own house according to the premeditated plan, put the body into the bag and moved it by the car to the suite rented by B.Sh., where they dismembered the body and then burned it at the former landfill site, on the 13th Kilometer of Tbilisi bypass road.
D.K. and A.A. were aware of the particularly serious crime B.Sh. and I.K. committed however, they failed to report it to the authorities.
Police arrested D.K. on November 3rd, 2016, and A.A. on November 4th.they were indicted under Article 376 (failure to report crime) of the Criminal Code of Georgia.
Tbilisi City Court found the defendants guilty as charged and sentenced D.K. and A.A. to deprivation of liberty for terms of two years and three months and of two years respectively, as a type and size of penalty.