The Second Stage of Intern Selection Contest Complete

2017-07-07 16:19:52

The second stage of the intern selection contest announced by the Prosecutor’s Office has been complete. This stage included general aptitude test. The test was composed of 60 tasks and contestants had to overcome 36-point barrier. According to the generated results, 173 applicants has moved up to the interview stage. Successful candidate will gradually undergo interview with the contest committee.  
Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia is focused on seeking qualified, motivated cadres with high professional standards and skills. The main objective of intern selection contests is to select the best cadres through open contest.
After having preparatory training course undergone, the intern candidates selected through contests will be distributed to various territorial departments of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia. Preparatory course is focused on improving such skills, that will help the interns to effectively perform their jobs. Paid internship at the Prosecutor’s Office will last for about a year, giving each participant a real opportunity for employment and career advancement.
1254 applications of the 1315 candidates registered for the contest met the contest requirements. Further, among 880 persons who appeared at the test, 216 passed the first stage, and 173 – the second. Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia wishes the best of luck to each contestant.