Probationer Gets Employed under Organization of Batumi District Prosecutor’s Office

2017-07-06 17:07:37

A probationer has got hired at construction company under organization of Batumi District Court. Batumi native Z.S. will work at construction company Alliance Group and have GEL 1000 salary, with the perspective of increase in the future.
Contract between probationer Z.S. and construction company Alliance Group has been signed today, following which, the employed probationer, employees of the construction company and prosecutors of Batumi District Prosecutor’s Office came at construction site on Khimshiashvili Street, Batumi, where Z.S. was acquainted with his duties.
Z.S. comes from a socially vulnerable family. He was convicted under Article 177§3 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which prescribes deprivation of liberty for a term from four up to seven years, sentence to be served at penitentiary facility. However, since Z.S. confessed and repented he crime he had committed and paid the victim damages, Prosecutor’s Office decided to strike a plea deal and he was sentenced to conditional sentence for a terms of four years.
While making the decision to assist the convict to find a job, Prosecutor’s Office took the nature of the crime committed, personality of the convict and financial state of his family into consideration.
Prosecutor’s Office is not the authority for solely criminal prosecution and one of its duties is to assist convicts to re-socialize and rehabilitate, so they could carry on living honorable life and remain suitable members of society.