Court of Appeals Leaves Life Imprisonment Sentence Rendered toward the Person Convicted of Murder in Turkey in Force

2017-06-09 11:01:41

Tbilisi City Court upheld the decision of Tbilisi City Court dated March 27, 2017, which found Enlur Antesov, convicted of aggravated murder of three helpless persons committed by a group aiming to conceal other crime, guilty, and sentenced him to life imprisonment as a type and size of penalty.
Court of Appeals found established, that on January 28, 2016, Georgian citizens: Elnur Antesov, Azade Omarova, and Vugar Guliev murdered three persons, including two Georgian nationals, with exceptional cruelty in Düzce, Republic of Turkey. Police officer arrested E. Antesov, A. Omarova, and V. Guliev in the town of Marneuli on April 8, 2016. They were charged under Article 109 §1(d), §2(b, e) and §3(a) (aggravated murder of three helpless persons committed by a group with the aim to conceal other crime) of the Criminal Code of Georgia.
We would like to inform society, that in the mentioned case, Tbilisi City Court sentenced Elnur Antesov’s accomplices  Vugar Guliev – to deprivation of liberty for a term of 15 years as a type and size of penalty, and Azade Omarova - to Deprivation of liberty for a term 17 years, with jury’s verdict.