The Statement of Main Prosecutor’s Office

02 February 2013 02:00

 The Investigation Department of Main Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia for the testifying concerning  the circumstances of giving criminal responsibilities the case of murder of Buta Robakidze and his friends (in the frames of current investigation established by law), Giorgi Ghviniashvili, the member of Parliament of Georgia was called as a witness.

The Press – Release about the case of Gia Gvichiani

28 January 2013 03:45

The murder of manager of AS Telasi, Nikoloz Lominazde, in 2002 is known for the public. In 2006 the murder was announced open and due to this, the following people: The financial manager of AS Telasi, Giorgi Gvichiani ,  Nodar Gvichiani- as the person who had ordered the murder,

Statement of main Prosecutor’s Office

25 January 2013 12:00

The Main Prosecutor’s Office has renounced the criminal law accusation of the lawyer Tamila Kutateladze. Tamila Kutateladze was arrested by the Service of Investigation of Ministry of Finance on 5th September, 2011 in the accusation of group fraud.

The Main Prosecutor’s Office met to the Accredited Ambassadors in Tbilisi

23 January 2013 12:15

On 23rd January, The main Prosecutor Archil Kbilashvili met the representatives of accredited diplomatic corps in Georgia. The main Prosecutor spoke with them about the recently criminal law cases, which were passed as the fighting against crime by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Shota Khizanishvili was accused in new fault

16 January 2013 05:28

 On 16th January, 2013 the accused Shota Khizanishvili was accused in new fault.

The Main Prosecutor’s Office appeals the political refugees

16 January 2013 01:15

 As it is known, according to the 28th December, 2012, Georgian law of “About Amnesty”, Article 22, The people who have the status established by the rules of The Parliament of Georgia, 5th December, 2012 being criminal law refugees of political signs or arrested by political motives are liberated from the punishment.

Statement of Prosecutor’s Office

15 January 2013 05:27

On 15th January, 2013, The Main Prosecutor’s Office referred with intercede to the Municipal Court of Tbilisi, to have a preventive measure as an imprisonment for Megis Kardava and other accused people and requesting of ceasing of working and diplomatic passports for Megis Kardava.

Statement of Main Prosecutor’s Office

15 January 2013 04:12

 Today, on 15th January, The Main Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia with the intercede of the Central Native Bureau of Interpol to abolish the international red circular quest  against Bedukadze.