Announcement of the Main Prosecutor’s Office

2013-02-27 02:30:00

By the order of the Main Prosecutor, a special group was formed in the Main Prosecutor’s Office, which discusses complaints and applications related to prosecutors and investigators. On this stage, there are over 1500 complaints received by the Prosecutor’s Office against prosecutors and investigators. If there are the grounds stipulated by the law, the aforesaid special group will be given an authority to conduct investigation.

The work group has been composed of the newly appointed prosecutors and investigators of the Main Prosecutor’s Office and Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office. The 12 member unit has already started inspection of the cases on the Prosecutor’s Office staff members.
The procedural supervision on conduction of investigation was given to the Division of Control over Prosecutorial Conduct and Procedural Guidance of Investigation in the General Inspection of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.