The Main Prosecutor’s Office met to the Accredited Ambassadors in Tbilisi

2013-01-23 12:15:00

On 23rd January, The main Prosecutor Archil Kbilashvili met the representatives of accredited diplomatic corps in Georgia. The main Prosecutor spoke with them about the recently criminal law cases, which were passed as the fighting against crime by the Prosecutor’s Office.

 Particularly, the conversation concerned to the recording materials and blackmailing of sexual minorities being made by the high representatives. The representatives of diplomatic corps received also the information about the inhumanity and torture existing in the jails. Particularly the conversation was about the systematic torture and inhumanity. For this time, 600 prisoners have already given the testify to the Prosecutor’s Office concerning the facts of torture and inhumanity. The interest of the diplomats were paid to the criminal case of “Kartu Bank”. The diplomatic corps received complete information by the Main Prosecutor’s Office, about all of the cases in which they were interested in,
 “This is my third meeting with the representatives of diplomatic corps, as in the position of main Prosecutor, I have answered the questions, which they have about the processes being in Georgia, in order to be the international society as informed in these matters as the Georgian citizens. I hope that they received the answers of all questions”- announced Archil Kbilashvili, after finishing the meeting with them.
By the statement of Main Prosecutor, the meetings with the representatives of accredited diplomatic corps will also continue in the future, which will help the Prosecutor’s Office to be more transparent.