The Main Prosecutor’s Office appeals the political refugees

2013-01-16 01:15:00

 As it is known, according to the 28th December, 2012, Georgian law of “About Amnesty”, Article 22, The people who have the status established by the rules of The Parliament of Georgia, 5th December, 2012 being criminal law refugees of political signs or arrested by political motives are liberated from the punishment. With the mentioned rule, 25 persons are admitted as a person of political refugee, (With the red circular 9 people were in quest, nowadays the questing of red circular against them is cancelled), who are still  in quest in the levels native and CIS. For cancelling the quest in the levels of intergovernmental and native, it is necessary to defense some procedures.

 According to the mentioned law, article 22, after the entering the law in force, there is a term of one week, when there must be abolish the preventive measure or the liberation from the punishment of  the people who are political refugees.
By the protecting of this one week term, established by law, The Main Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia  cares about the effect of these indicated procedures, after this it becomes possible, by the political sign established by the Parliament of Georgia, on 5th December, 2012 to abolish the quest against political refugees in native, as well as in International scopes.
 Therefore, from these mentioned items above, in order to prevent such people to be arrested by the Services of Law Enforcement of foreign states, and in order not to be some obstacles while returning to the country, The Main Prosecutor’s Office appeals to the mentioned people for a certain period of time, abstain themselves from returning to Georgia.
After finishing the legal procedures, foreseen by law, against these mentioned people, The Main Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia will spread the further information.