Statement of Prosecutor’s Office

2013-01-15 05:27:00

 On 15th January, 2013, The Main Prosecutor’s Office referred with intercede to the Municipal Court of Tbilisi, to have a preventive measure as an imprisonment for Megis Kardava and other accused people and requesting of ceasing of working and diplomatic passports for Megis Kardava.

 In the Investigation Institution of The Main Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia the investigation about the case of death of Sergo Tetradze (the son of Aleksandre), is being performed. The  fact of implementing violence, exceeding and abuse of working of the co-workers of the Department of Corrections and Military Police of Ministry of Defense.  Colonel  Sergo Tetradze was accused on 18th September, 2011 with three other people: D. L, G. G, S. Ch in the accusation of spying.            (Every accused people in this mentioned case are known as the politically prisoners, according to the rule of the Parliament, 5th December, 2012 and, consequently, on the ground of “The Act of Amnesty“, 12th January, 2012, are liberated from the guilt).
The accused for spying, Sergo Tetradze was imprisoned, on this ground he was held in the 8th Department of Corrections, where he died after 4 days of his imprisonment. On this fact the investigation formally began in September, 2011 and cancelled on 31st December, 2011 due to not existing the criminals about the case of his death.
With  the under doubt  made investigation on this cancelled case, in 23rd September, at about 22 o’clock, the prisoner, being alone in the jail, felt himself unwell, because of this, the co-workers of the administration called the doctor. At the time of doctor’s arriving in the jail, Tetradze had already been unconsciously, he was taken to the 18th Department of Corrections, though despite the made resuscitated, he died unconsciously after a while of his taking.
 By the evidences being in this case, the investigations had stated, that the damages, which were noticed for Tetradze, were before his imprisonment, i.e. before 17th September, 2011 in an obscure circumstance.
 On 14th November, 2012 The Main Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia has cancelled the protocol of stopping the investigation on the fact of death of S. Tetradze and the investigation was renewed by the Investigation Institution of The Main Prosecutor’s Office.
With the evidences obtained by the investigation it is stated that, during 4 days of imprisonment, for the admitted testify of Sergo Tetradze, he was beaten violently many times, he was tortured, his right was violated by the volunteers and the other personals of Military Police and Institution of Corrections, also with their instructions, with the participation of other prisoners,  and the consequence was that in the process of violence, Sergo Tetradze died by the beating shortage of cardio vascular.
 It is stated by the investigation, that after 2 days of his imprisonment, the accused- prisoner Sergo Tetradze was illegally taken from the territory of 8th Institution by the car of the director of this institution, Al. Mukhadze (Killera) and was taken to the Institution of Military Police of Ministry of Defense.
 With the testifies of the witnesses it is stated that, after about 4-5 hours, the prisoner Tetradze, was returned to the Department of Corrections by the mentioned people and car. The signs of violence and physically force was notable seen on Tetradze, due to this he was footslogging.
 It is stated by the investigation, that in the period of 19th-23rd September, 2011, , he was beaten not once, he was tortured and his right was violated in the Department of Corrections. The same action’s victim was the second person accused in spying G.G, who has also admitted the guilt, which he had done and who is already admitted as a political prisoner.
It is stated by the investigation that G.G was also violently beaten and tortured in the building of the Department of Military Police by Megis Kardava, the Undersecretary of the Institution of United Staff of the Armed Forces of Military Police of Georgia, and by other co-workers. The leather zip of holding a gun was fixed on his neck, he was knelt by force and in this situation he was forced to walk on the hands and in the fixed position in room as well as in the hall of the institution.
 It is also stated by the investigation, that Megis Kardava on 16th June, 2011, at night in the late hours the active Armaments’ Officer , the Officer of the Observe Institution of the Staff of Armed Land Forces, Vice-Colonel, D.L was brought to the building of Military Police by one of the military worker, where he with Al. Mukhadze (nickname Killera) and with the other operative co-workers of this institution, beat and tortured him violently for 4-5 hours. In this mentioned violence participated also Bachana Akhalaia, The Minister of Defense of Georgia of that time. With the way of such action and the threat of sexual force, they received so- called  admitted testify from D.L, as if he was spying in favor of Russia, because he did not adapt the fact of collapsing of Soviet Union and wanted to redress it. On the ground of such testify of D.L., S. Tetradze, G.G and S.Ch were given in the charge of criminal of with the accusation of spying. After the beating, torturing and anguish of physically and mentally, D.L seriously became ill.
 The first-hand performers of torture and violence on Sergo Tetradze in the 8th institution are enacted including other prisoners being accused before many times for other criminals, who were used by the administration of the corrections in the violence against other prisoners. These people have admitted the circumstances of torturing and beating of S. Tetradze.  so- called “process” was charged by Viktor Kacheishvili ( The Head of the Security Institution of 8th institution) and Oleg Fatsia ( The Head of legal regime of this institution) in order to get the admit of Sergo Tetradze. They beat and tortured him for a some time, than with special violence in group they made force on him, after this the prisoner became unconsciously and after about half an hour he died in the same circumstance.
 Many witnesses were questioned about this case, including they who first-hand investigated the case of the death of Tetradze as well as so- called cases of spying about D. L., G. G., S. CH., and Sergo Tetradze. From their testifies becomes obvious that there were some  rough falsification of evidences, forge of the arresting protocol, the beating ,torturing and physical force on Sergo Tetrandze and other accused by the different co-workers of the Military Police.
 It was stated that there also was the fact of hiding the criminal and destroying the trial from the co-workers of the 8th institution. They have testified wrongly about the facts, existed in this institution.
On the 14th January, 2013, Megis Kardava, that time’s Undersecretary of the Department of United Staff of the Armaments of Military Police of Georgia and after the Head of this Department, Aleksandre Mukhadze, the ex director of the 8th Department of Corrections, Oleg Fatsatsia, the Head of the Institution of Legal Regime, Viktor Kacheishvili, The Head of the Security Department of this Institution were accused with the appropriate articles of the codes of criminal law. Particularly, these named people are accused in torture, organizing it and for organizing the violence in with the appropriate articles of Criminal Law of Georgia.