The Main Prosecutor’s Office replies to the statement of President

2013-01-12 01:56:00

 “The Prosecutor’s Office forces Marika Verulashvili to vote on constitutional changes.”- This statement was made by Mikheil Saakashvili at the meeting with newly designated Governor.  With the allegation of President, a few days ago the husband of Verulashvili was summoned for interrogation and instead of his own freedom, he was required to support Verulashvili for constitutional changes.

 “ I want to tell you the history of deputy of Kvareli, Marika verulashvili. At first her family members were summoned for interrogation, then one of her family member was arrested and yesterday her husband was on interrogation. Marika’s first reaction was, that she would go from Parliament”- announced Mikheil Saakashvili.
The Main Prosecutor’s Office makes an announcement with complete responsibility, that since 1st October, 2012 until today, some family member of Marika Verulashvili is in Prosecutor’s Office, among them the husband of Marika Verulashvili has never been interrogated on any of the Criminal Law cases.