Statement of Main Prosecutor’s Office

2013-01-10 11:20:00

On the hold fact of citizen Aleksi Kavtaradze on 8th of December the case about damage of body was sued in the Police of Investigation Department of Vani Region. Taking Aleksi Kavtaradze to the hospital was the ground for processing, where the damaged announced that the undersecretary of Head of Vani’s Police, Levan Migineishvili, took him to the forest and shot him in the area of leg. Due to the fact that in the case there was the name of Police co-worker, the case was transferred for investigation to the Prosecutor’s Office of Samtredia.

    Kavtaradze testified the prosecutor on the third day, where he did not confirm the culpability of Migineishvili and explained the follow:
   The questions having been asked about the case I will answer the following: I live in Vani region, village Dikhashkho. My family consists of : Mother- Natela Kavtaradze, Wife – Vera Gogelidze, children: 15 years old Natia Kavtaradze and 5 years old Lizi Kavtaradze. My father died earlier. His profession was tailor. Many people knew and respected him as the very honest man in our region.
   After his death I try to continue his profession, I  try to keep the honesty of our family and not abuse my father’s  name. My profession is also a tailor. I receive the orders at home. On 8th December, 2012 in the evening, at about 19 o’clock, I was drunk, when I decided to go to the district of “Sokhanashvilebi” to the watermill, which is located there. I had left the maize for grinding and I wanted to bring the flour at home. The mill in question is about 1,5 km away from my house.
   The mill was closed, after this I returned back. This could have been about 20 o’clock. The night was dark and it was raining. After passing about 30-40 meters from the mill a stranger ran over me, who stopped in front of me and asked: “Who I was and where was I from”. His voice was strange for me, though I guessed from the timbre of voice that it might have been about 25-30 years, the timber of voice was male, a little bundle, was speaking in the Imerian patois. On the mentioned question, I answered “ I am the local, the Diakhshoan boy and where are you from?” Whereon  he answered, “I am not the local, I am a guest”. Though, neither I nor he asked the names and surnames to each-other.
   After this mentioned, the stranger asked me if I had the cigarette, whereon I answered that I did not have. I went past him and I was about to continue my way, when he called after me “How is it possible that the young man does not have a cigarette, why are you concealing it from me?” I turned back and said to him “ Everyone does not have the cigarette and everybody does not smoke” and I again tried to continue my way when the stranger asked again “ Wait on me, I will give you the cigarette and smoke it”. In that time we were standing opposite, the stranger put his right arm presumably in the right pocket of the coat, he immediately pulled his hand and I heard the sound like shooting, but not as a powerful voice as it has some kind of guns. It was like the little bang of New Year’s firework. At this time I felt that something hit my left feet, but it did not hurt intensely, I only had an unpleasant feeling. After this the stranger turned back quickly and ran towards the mill. I did not run after him and continued my home way. During walking the feeling intensified a bit. When I went home, I saw that the surface of shoe was torn, but nothing was seen on the shoe sole.  The wound was on the first and second toes of left leg where it was bleeding.
   My family members immediately asked what had happened, whereon I hid the truth and answered that I was helping the neighbor to move the iron stove and it fell on my feet. I cleaned the wound and bandaged it, but as I noticed that the feet was starting to swell slowly, I decided to go to the hospital. At the hospital I did not hide that I had the wound of gun, though I hid the truth in which circumstances it had happened. On the doctors’ questions if who had wounded me, I answered that in the afternoon the undersecretary of Head of Vani’s Police took me to the shore of river Rioni and he wounded me. I knew that the name of the undersecretary of Head of Vani’s police was Levan Migineishvili, but at the hospital I said that I did not know his name and surname. After this mentioned point they treated my wound well.
   It turned out that the bone of first toe was broken. They stitched my two toes and at about 5 o’clock in the morning they discharged me from the hospital. The question: Give us the explanation why have you said at the hospital that the undersecretary of Head of Vani’s Police had wounded you? The answer: I will say that on 28th November, 2012 the Vodka pot was stolen from my neighbor Neli Mzhavanadze, concerning this there were the police. The Head of Vani’s Police Levan Migineishvili, whom I did not know and introduced that day, took me to the police station of Vani. On the way he told me that the mentioned pot was my stolen, if not I had to know who had done it, which I had to say to him. I told to Levan Migineishvili that I did not know anything about this, though he did not believe in me and he said that I knew everything. Concerning this robbery, I was questioned at Vani’s police station by the detective. After this I was taken to the narcotic department and I was checked on narcotic, the fact of using it was not ascertained to me. After this mentioned point Levan Migineishvili saw me twice in my district. At every seeing he repeated constantly that the robbery was made by me, withal the neighbors started gossiping that I was interfered in some bad action. My honesty was under the doubt, in which I completely accuse Levan Migineishvili. Once I tried to think to payback, right these reasons made me to decide to say that the undersecretary of the Head of Vani’s Police wounded me, apart this I thought if I said that I was wounded by the undersecretary of the Head of Police, they would pay me more attention. I of course have not thought that some powerful consequences might follow to my words. Simply, I decided and thought a little that with this way I would be allowed Levan Migineishvili to get away from me and he would not bother me. I also can show you the place where my wound took place”.
   Here also we  will explain that Levan Migineishvili in the day of accident was not the co-worker of Police. On 8th of December, in the morning ( The wound of citizen Aleksandre Kavtaradze took place on 8th December, in the afternoon) Levan Migineishvili left the institutions of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia in the ground of his own report.
   The investigation is being continued about this Criminal Law.