Activities of the Prosecutor’s Office

The main principles of activity of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia are as follows:


Protection of rights and freedoms of individuals, protection and respect of rights of legal entities;

Professionalism and competence;

Objectiveness and impartiality;

Unity and centralization, subordination of all the subordinate prosecutors and other staff members of the Prosecutor’s Office to the Minister of Justice of Georgia;

Political neutrality 

The core directions of activity of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia are following:

In cases stipulated by the law, conduction of preliminary investigation in the full extent;

Supervision on accurate and regular implementation of the law during the activity of the operational-investigative organs;

For provision of criminal prosecution, implementation of procedural supervision on the stage of the preliminary investigation;

Checking of the facts on violation of rights of imprisoned persons and procedural obligations in the institutions of arrest, pretrial-detention, imprisonment and suppression places, as well as, in other institutions, which execute a punishment or other coercive measures imposed by a Court;

Participation as a party – public prosecution, in a criminal law case at a Court;

Coordination of fight against a crime; 

Provision of implementation of measures on human rights protection;

Conduction of investigative and other procedural actions on the territory of a foreign country and execution of such actions on the territory of Georgia with the request of the competent organs of a foreign country. As well, for the purposes of putting a criminal responsibility upon an individual and for serving his/her sentence, extradition of the citizen of Georgia from a foreign country, and for the same purposes, extradition to the foreign country of its citizen;

Implementation of other authorities according to the Georgian law “On Prosecutor’s Office” and Criminal Procedure Rules legislation.